As a dog person, I was interested to learn that cats seek variety in their meals, and will go so far as to refuse food if offered the same meal on a consistent basis. MeowMix wanted to show current and potential customers that they could offer their cat the necessary mix of flavors and forms, without having to purchase outside the MeowMix portfolio. 


A national Key Visual was developed that would serve as a visual guide for other elements in the campaign.


At Dollar General, an eblast was sent to existing MeowMix customers to incentive purchase of a higher quantity of mixed products (wet food, dry food and treats). 


Targeted banner ads brought the consumer directly to the product page on the Dollar General website.


The Facebook ad shows the variety of products and picks up the headline from the Key Visual that the whole team was excited about.


The Facebook Carousel showcases each product individually, and emphasizes the variety message by having users click through the portfolio. Carousel length was determined by retailer and which skus they carried, showing anywhere between 3 and 7 frames.