Hi, I'm Mary. 

On a typical day, I'm in black leggings covered in paint stains and a hoodie (zip up, not pull over, if you were wondering), and rarely do I expect anyone to run up to me on the street and ask with bated breath "Mary, who are you wearing this fall?". Instead, I'm up to my elbows in body paint, raw fish, dirty dishes and copious amounts of whipped cream (not what you think), directing photoshoots from safely behind the camera. I love getting my hands dirty in order to bring out the best in my subject. 

If I was going to be forced into being photographed however, I decided I would do my best to take the focus off myself and place it in the seats of the gorgeous free chairs I found off Craigslist. Once I procured these beauties (no easy task), I hopped over to Goodwill and spent several hours scrupulously sorting through garments to find the perfect match, in both color and texture, to my lovely chairs. Now you see me, now you don't. 

To keep my brain active, I keep daily sketchbooks and come up with side projects for myself. Get a taste below, follow me for the whole meal @megilmo


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